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Meet Patrick Kimber and Greg Bushell from KB Software

Tell us a bit about your business – how did it get started, how long have you been involved etc.

KB Software Ltd provide bespoke business solutions using open source software. We specialise in databases on the internet and work hard to make them simple and intuitive.

The business was started in May 2014 by Patrick Kimber and Greg Bushell. We’ve used business systems of various kinds all our working lives and they were not always what the business really needed. We are both familiar with the frustration that many business users have with their systems and came to believe that systems should fit the business, not the other way around. We decided to harness our coding and business experience to understand our clients needs and then, and only then, specify and build a business system that would be tailored to exactly meet their business’s needs.

Our primary motivation is to provide excellent customer service in order to develop long term business relationships and partnerships. We love the journey of understanding different businesses and working with the people that run them to solve their problems. We are approachable, honest and friendly, always trying to listen and understand our customers needs. We believe that our high level of repeat business proves that we achieve this time and time again.

In short, we are passionate about delivering solutions that make life easier for the people we get to work with. What we achieve with them is our biggest reward.

What are you favourite (and least favourite) parts of running your business?

Our favourite part of running our own business is meeting other people. We get excited about what motivates them and it is a privilege to join them on a journey that provides solutions that make a difference to their everyday life. We also love coding but in a (nearly) non geeky way! Our least favourite parts are managing the cash flow and VAT.

What are your aims and goals for the business in the next 12 months and what are you looking forward to achieving most?

Our aim for this year is to grow the business sufficiently so that we can support an apprentice or graduate. We like to collaborate and give back, this motivation underpinned our choice of using open source software. We recognise that investing in others is the best way to build a future for all of us.

What is it about Okehampton and the surrounding area that makes it so ideally suited for you and your business?

We believe that living near Okehampton, in a rural setting, means businesses work harder at working together because they need each other more. The chance to collaborate with others suits us well and our business is better able to succeed in an environment that cares and shares. This allows us to bring our strengths of approachability and knowledge to the forefront of the business relationship we build.

Tell us one thing about your business that will surprise people or that you think they wouldn’t otherwise know about it?

We think it will be surprising for people to hear that we do work for local people and business at heavily discounted rates because we passionately believe in building and supporting our local community.

Find out more about KB Software via their website www.kbsoftware.co.uk. Follow them on Twitter @KB_Software_Ltd and on Facebook @kbsoftwareuk

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